Hello! This is Angela!

Meet your new 24/7 front desk receptionist from AngelSpeech! Angela is capable of natural language recognition, and will deliver your appointment reminder by calls or text messages. She will handle your front desk so you can run your business!

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No Up-front payment! No long-term contract!

Angela will boost your business income or you will not pay!

Appointment Data Integration

Tell us what EMR or PM you use. Show us your sample appointment reports. We will find a secure integration solution for you. Our system can read most reports in Excel, CSV, XML without customization. If we do not have ready-made solution, we will be happy to develop one for you at no additional cost. Call 1.888.770.4121 now to discuss your case with our staff.

Free Trial, Pay-per-call, pay-per-text

We offer free trials! We ask for NO up-front payment! NO long-term contract! NO monthly fee!
Our Pricing is competitive and transparent. With our pay-as-you-go reminder service system, each call or text message credit is currently priced at 10 cents-14 sents. To see the prices for all of the services we offer, please visit Prices Info Page.

Customize your reminder

You can easily...
- Choose preferred reminder time.
- Add your own voice message.
- Allow appointment cancellation or rescheduling by phone or text.
- See a detailed log about every call or text. Get daily, weekly reminder stats.
- To know how Angela delivers reminder phone calls and text messages, please read more...

Efficient, Friendly, Dependable

Angela is a product of modern technology and can do much more...

Telephone Reminder by Angela

Speech recognition is used to achieve high accuracy of voice message delivery. Your call log will indicate how and at what time your message is received. Your patients can request an appointment cancellation and reschedule during the same call. You can mark and recall No-Show patients to request them to reschedule. Reminder attempts will not be charged unless the message is delivered successfully.

Text Reminder by Angela

Text reminders make your business cool! Each appointment reminder text message has a receipt so that you can see if a message has been delivered, confirmed, or replied with a request to reschedule or cancel. There is an opt-out reply option for every text to comply with HIPAA.
Text message is more private and non-intrusive than a phone call. It is a crowd pleaser among your patients who are smart phone users.

What else can Angela do at your front desk?

To name a few...
- She handles your front desk calls and helps patients by booking appointment over the phone.
- Online scheduler with customized forms, customized emails, new patient signup, iPhone and Android phone app.
- For a full list of front desk tasks that Angela can handle for you, Watch this flash demo Or visit us at AngelSpeech.com.

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